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Marcus O Realius
I'm not an artist at all.

I game more then is probably considered healthy, sleep a ton (usually after i ate/drank a ton).
And i freakin love hyperactive things (except Chihuahuas...god i hate those...not dogs!)
So here i am, a mac user with a windows phone...
You can guess where this is goin, right?

Don't get me wrong i love the damn phone, windows phone 8 (thats the OS )sleek and fast and surprisingly user friendly experience all around.
But...getting it to play nice with my mac is a damn near violation of human rights.
You reading this microsoft? i hope you guys are.

Seriously, the synchronisation software (Simply known as Windows phone) is a bloody no thats giving it too much credit.
It's a freakin fever induced all logic defying [censored]-storm of a nightmare.
Basically it "Barely and rarely" works as intended. Error messages galore, taking forever to transfer anything only to give out a completely useless error message in the end. Or it screws up so bad you end up with doubles on your phone....(how the?!).
And lets not get started on the fact that it sometimes doesn't even see the bloody phone, or the unusable device browser...
And then the "Thing" that Nokia made themselves to transfer photos off the phone... yeah.... havent been able to get it to work. crashes or it just cant copy the files.

Seriously Microsoft would it kill you if the bloody windows phone would act like a freaking USB drive?
You know, like all flippin android devices are?
Or at least give the user an error message that explains WHY a certain file couldn't be transferred.

As it currently stands the fastest and most easiest of ways of gettin stuff on or off the phone is:

Turn phone off.
Remove back cover.
Remove battery.
Remove microSD card.
Put microSD card into card reader on the mac.
Use Finder to quickly find WHAT you want and put it where you want it.
Unmount microSD card.
Re-assemble phone.
Turn phone on.
Set time and date on phone (Wait, WHAT!?, are you effin kidding me?)

Off course i can at least use Microsoft's own cloud storage to "Quickly" (and thats using the term loosely) transfer photos off the phone.

Microsoft if you are reading this, i really like the phone OS.
But if this stuff doesn't improve "soon" (until my patience runs out basically), i will be forced to go back to Android, wich is an mobile OS that at least plays nice with whatever type of desktop OS you are running.

So yeah peeps there ya have it, my vent post.
  • Mood: Rant
  • Listening to: My blood boiling
  • Playing: Paper Mario: Sticker Star
  • Drinking: Water

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